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3   - 5   NOVEMBER



La Martiniere College, Lucknow, established in 1845, was founded in accordance with the Will of Major General Claude Martin. Born in Lyon, France, in 1735, the Founder died in Lucknow on 13 September 1800. The day of his death, by his own instructions is commemorated as ‘Founder’s Day’. Under his Will, certain funds were allotted for the establishment of schools at Lyon, his birthplace in France, in Calcutta and Lucknow. In his Will Claude Martin also directed that “my house at Luckperra or Constantia House with all the ground and premises belonging to the house and all the ground around it, none is to be sold or detached from it.” The Will went on to define his purpose, which was “to keep the said Constantia House for school or College for learning young men”


During the stirring events of 1857 the Principal, Masters and boys of La Martiniere played a role, which is perhaps unique in the history of the world.


They defended an extremely exposed part of the southern perimeter of the Residency, withstood infantry and artillery attacks and were subjected to mining operations. In the face of great hardship, they ably and successfully defended 'The Martiniere Post' for almost five months. Meanwhile, studies continued. In 1938 as recognition of the role played by them, the College was awarded colours bearing the legend 'Defence of Lucknow, 1857'. This is a distinction no other school in the world enjoys.


Today, La Martiniere College imparts instruction through the medium of English and admission to the College is eagerly sought. Over the span of one and a half centuries, the College has produced soldiers, sailors and airmen who have done the school and their country proud in the two World Wars and in the wars of Independent India. It has also produced engineers, doctors, educationists, administrators and outstanding sportsmen, now scattered over the globe. It counts among its illustrious alumni, men of War and Peace – the Keelor brothers awarded with the Vir Chakra, for shooting down Sabre jets in the Indo-Pak War (1965) and the Nobel Peace Laureate, Dr Rajendra Pachauri.



In 2013, a dream took flight, an aspiration was born – La Martiniere Model United Nations (MUN). A seed of intellect sown with hope, it now stands tall, La Martiniere Model United Nations has evolved into one of the most prestigious Conferences in our nation, attracting delegates from all corners of the country. This coveted platform offers participants the unique advantage of engaging in meaningful discussions on global issues, honing critical thinking, and developing impeccable diplomatic skills. As you step into the shoes of diplomats and world leaders, you will find yourself immersed in the art of negotiation and consensus-building, learning to navigate through complexities, and embracing diverse perspectives.

We at LMUN hope to maintain the tradition of an academically centered and intellectually enriching experience for all the delegates. We strive to create an environment that readily encourages the delegates to discuss and deliberate on all critical aspects of international relations, gain a nuanced view on global issues, engage in multifaceted dialogue, and nurture their skills in diplomacy and negotiation. Assuming coveted roles of diplomats of various nations, the Conference provides an opportunity for potential leaders of our generation to arrive at lasting solutions to the problems which face our world, all in hopes of a better future.

Over the past decade, La Martiniere MUN has attracted delegates from all around the world. The journey has not been without its share of challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to adapt swiftly and shift our operations to the virtual realm. Despite the obstacles, the spirit of diplomacy and intellectual exchange remained unyielding as we continued to connect and engage through the digital medium. The return to an offline format presents us with an opportunity to relish the palpable energy of this gathering, where brilliant minds converge to address some of the world's most pressing issues. We are ready to embrace the power of human connection, building bridges that transcend borders and fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

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