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La Martiniere Model United Nations


Conference Dates

8th to 10th October, 2021

 This year, the Secretariat of La Martiniere Model United Nations hopes to continue the tradition of an academically centered conference. We wish to provide an experience that exponentially expands the ambit of your knowledge about international diplomacy, relations and politics. It shall be our objective to provide to you, an atmosphere built around deliberation, debate, negotiation and compromise. 

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About La Martiniere Model United Nations Society

Model United Nations (MUN) is an activity in which students participate as delegates, assuming the role of diplomats of the countries they represent, in academic simulations of actual UN bodies and other forums of international relations.


Discussing and deliberating on issues, as diverse as ‘Cyber Security’ to ‘Dealing with the threat of Islamophobia’ which affect the world community at large, this activity aims to educate participants about current affairs, international events and the United Nations agenda, while at the same time broadening their understanding of international politics, diplomacy, and the need for harmonious coexistence.


Through their skills of negotiation and deliberation, students develop solutions to counter various problems faced by the world today. Members of the society meet regularly to discuss and debate topics of global interest, using the procedures and practices followed in the United Nations.

We at LMUN hope to maintain the tradition of an academically centred and intellectually enriching experience for all the delegates, in view of the impeccable example set by the seven incredibly successful editions preceding us.


We strive to create an environment which readily encourages the delegates to discuss and deliberate on all critical aspects of international relations, gain a nuanced view on global issues, engage in multifaceted dialogue and nurture their skills in diplomacy and negotiation. Assuming coveted roles of diplomats of various nations, the conference provides an opportunity for potential leaders of our generation to arrive at lasting solutions to the problems which face our world, all in hopes of a better future.   


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the La Martiniere Model United Nations Society decided to move LMUN 2021 to an online platform in order to guarantee the safety of our guests. Delegates from all around the world gathered in this virtual simulation to deliberate upon extremely didactic agendas and issues of major concern to outline a better future. It is our imperative to hone delegates with the potential to become exceptional diplomats and the leaders of tomorrow. We strive to provide to you an environment which encourages critical thinking, debate, deliberation, negotiation and discussion centred on the intricate web of international diplomacy.


We started off with 100 delegates in 2014, and have come a long way under the supervision of our faculty advisor, Dr Zeba Siddiqi and the esteemed members of our Secretariat. 

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About La  Martiniere College, Lucknow

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La Martiniere College, Lucknow, established in 1845, was founded in accordance with the Will of Major General Claude Martin. Born in Lyon, France, in 1735, the Founder died in Lucknow on 13 September, 1800. The day of his death, by his own instructions is commemorated as ‘Founder’s Day’. Under his Will, certain funds were allotted for the establishment of schools at Lyon, his birth place in France, in Calcutta and at Lucknow.


Today, La Martiniere College imparts instruction through the medium of English and admission to the College is eagerly sought. Over the span of one and a half centuries, the College has produced soldiers, sailors and airmen who have done the school and their country proud in the two World Wars and in the wars of Independent India. It has also produced engineers, doctors, educationists, administrators and outstanding sportsmen, now scattered over the globe. It counts among its illustrious alumni, men of War and Peace – the Keelor brothers awarded with the Vir Chakra, for shooting down Sabre jets in the

Indo-Pak War (1965) and the Nobel Peace Laureate, Dr Rajendra Pachauri.


On 01 October, 1995, the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the College, the President of India, acknowledged the contribution of the College by releasing a postage stamp of the denomination of Rs 2.00, as a mark of honour. This, again, is a mark of distinction that only a few other institutions in India enjoy.

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Dr. Z. Siddiqi

Faculty Advisor


Kinjalk Sharma


Phone No: 6388058651


Phone No: 7756005945