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Lebanon, a formerly stable and prospering economy and nation, has fallen to a state of economic and political degradation in recent times. This has created resentment in the minds of the Lebanese people for decades. Several recent crises have prompted these accumulated resentments to pour out, creating an uprising with unprecedented scale and a widespread impact zone, with protests for Lebanon happening even outside Lebanon. The protestors blame the government for this degradation of their country. The currently ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic as well as the August 4th Beirut Explosions have further worsened the country's economic and political crisis. It is now up to the current cabinet to either take due accountability and push for reforms, which is difficult given the economic circumstances of the country, or use force and quieten the protests, which seems like a gigantic task given the size of the protests. Therefore, the cabinet has to deliberate its next plan of action in these challenging times and come up with feasible, if not the best, solutions to control the current state of the nation.




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